Joe Shutes

Joe Shutes:

Starting at $15.49

Joe Shutes Ballyhoo Skirts have proven to be the best in the North East on all species of pelagic fish.  Joe uses high visibility hair and mylar on all his skirts. 3 ounce is traditionally the go to lure for yellowfin, but recent times have shown that mixing in a couple heavier versions can pay off for bigeye tuna as well.  The heavier models are also commonly used for way, way, way back Bluefin trolling. We offer them 3 ways:

  • Unrigged:  Buyer adds his own leader, hook etc.

  • Pin-rigged:   Includes - Pin, screw on baitspring, ½ oz chin weight, 10' 130# Momoi Smoke Blue Leader, and  Mustad  7691DT 8/0 Hook - Note:  Other pin-rig variations are available-  IE.  Mustad 9/0 7691DT, No weight, larger spring.  Please email us at

  • Keel Weighted Joe Shute: Uniquely designed head is designed to ensure that the ballyhoo tracks upright.

  • Stinger rigged: Scroll down to find Joe Shute Stingers

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