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The Original Sterling Tracker Bars®

This product is protected by one or more of the following patents or patent applications:  US 11,044,897 and US 15/929,793

We introduced the Tracker Bar in 2017 and it quickly became our best selling and most effective lure. The Sterling Tracker is made with an angled keel under the bar bird. This causes the bar to track up to 30' outwards from its normal tracking line. The Tracker's ability to reach the cleaner water, outside the wake, enables it to attract more bites.

The Tracker Bar can be pulled straight from rod tip or outriggers. Whether you fish it from your outriggers or rod tips, this innovative bar allows you to increase your overall spread width by as much as 60'. Available in Port and Starboard versions, or you can buy a pair, which will have one of each. ​Tip: You can double rig your long rigger with two clips to maximize the effect.

Bulb Squid Tracker

Bulb Squid Tracker Bars®

Machine Tracker Bars®

Machine Tracker

Chaos Trackers®

Chaos Tracker

Boat with Outriggers


Boat without Outriggers

Rod                                Rod

Suggested Wide Tracker Trolling Patterns
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