Specialty Chains


Crazy 8® Chain

This chain has 8 successive 5" splashing rattle birds with a snap swivel under the last teaser for easy change of machine stinger.  These 8 birds tear up a long line of splash on the surface followed by a machine stinger just below the surface. These birds have rattles in their wings to generate even more noise and vibration. You can buy this chain without a stinger if you would like to try out your own stinger. We recommend using a 9" Machine. You can select your stinger on the product page.

Suggested Spread Location: Long Rigger or Down the Middle just behind Long Rigger, but really works well anywhere in the spread!

  • Eight 5" Soft Skirted Birds (Last one is longer to cover the snap swivel)

  • 200# Momoi Smoke Blue Mono

  • Stainless Ball Bearing Coastlock 300# Snap Swivel

  • Free Lure Bag Included



  • Crazy 8 Chain: $39

  • Crazy 8 with 7" Machine Stinger: $52

  • Crazy 8 with 9" Machine Stinger: $53

  • Crazy 8 with 12" Machine Stinger: $55

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