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Chaos Bars_edited.jpg

The NEW for 2021 Sterling Chaos Bars are here. We have loaded the center line with splashing rattle birds and put rattles in the last squids. We believe together this ramped up splash and noise have made this the deadliest straight running Spreader Bar available on the market. 18” and 36” Chaos Bars can pulled from the rod tip or outriggers. Also, available in combo colors.

36" Chaos Bars

36" Chaos Bars®

18" Chaos Bars

18" Chaos Bars®

36" Chaos Trackers

36" Chaos Trackers®

18" Chaos Trackers®

18" Chaos Trckers

Boat with Outriggers


Boat without Outriggers

Rod                                Rod

Suggested Wide Tracker Trolling Patterns
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