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Sterling Dredges

Built with 36" Strike Point 6 Arm Dredges. Dredges help your boat raise more fish as this small school of bait appears to be scrambling to get back to the main bait ball(your boat). Comes complete with mesh lure bag for transport.  Can be towed from a transom cleat, dredge boom or sturdy outriggers.

  • 8lb. and 10lb. Dredge Fish(Weights) and 20' Cleat Tow Lines are also available(see below). The heavier the dredge fish the deeper your dredge will track depending on speed.

  • Dredge Kits also available(on the product page): Include Dredge, Mesh Bag, 20' Tow Line and Dredge Fish


  • 36" Strike Point 6 Arm Dredge

  • 13 Lines with 4 Squid each - 52 total squid

  • The bottom squids on each line are weighted.

  • 200lb. Momoi Smoke Blue Mono

  • Lines are connected to the dredge by a Rosco 2/0 225lb. snap swivel for easy replacement.

  • Free Mesh Dredge Bag Included - Allows for easy and compact storage and transportation

36" Dredge: 9" Bulb Squid

Available in Four Colors

36" Dredge: 7" Ultimate Squid

Available in Six Colors

36" Dredge: 6" Ultimate Squid

The 6" Ultimate Squid dredge has the same specs as our other dredges, except it has 7 squid on each line. That brings the number of  6" Ultimate Squid on this dredge to a giant total of 91 squid!



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