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WolfPack Tackle Ahi Heads

WolfPack Tackle put in the time and effort to create the best swimming offshore head on the market. The Ahi Heads and Ahi Tails are the products of that research. They are built with a modular design to allow for easy color changing of the head, hair or tail. They are available Unrigged, Rigged with and Ahi Tail or Rigged for Ballyhoo with Wire. They are rigged on 10' of 130lb Momoi Smoke Blue Mono with a Mustad 7691-SS 9/0 Hook.

Ahi Head Features:

  • Durable Silicone Covered Head

  • Perfectly Weighted Keel to keep to keel the lure upright and swimming correctly

  • Patent Pending Ballyhoo Stabilizer

  • Available in 3.5oz or 5.5oz

Ahi Tail Features:

  • Locked connection forces the head and tail to swim perfectly

  • Durable to allow for multiple fish to be caught with a single tail

  • Hook cavity for optimal tracking

  • Available rigged on the back of an Ahi Head or in packs of 3

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