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Cedar flex_edited.jpg

CedarFlex - A Better Cedar Plug

  • Same Killer Bob and Weave Action that provokes more bites

  • Flexible Body that provides a Better Hook Up Ratio with a clean hook set
  • The Flexible Body means Less Dropped Fish because a traditional hard plug acts as a lever to pry the hook loose during a fight
  • Incredible Stinger Action that brings more bites to Bars and Chains. 
  • A Single CedarFlex will produce the most bites when fished on top, interacting with the surface and diving intermittently. Pulling straight from the rod tip running on the face of the 3rd wake is ideal. If fishing it further back in the spread, raise the pulling point. When fishing a CedarFlex as a stinger behind a surface bar or chain, the correct surface interaction will be maintained and it can be fished anywhere in the spread.

CEDAR FLEX (POSE Rainbow).jpg
CEDAR FLEX (POSE Natural).jpg
CEDAR FLEX (POSE Pink Tiger).jpg
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