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12" Machine Series - $135

(Free Stinger and Bag Included)

Specs: 12" Machine Series

  • Bar:  Titanium .125” medium flex, very light and strong with great memory, makes for great action of outside lures.

  • Teasers:  - 12" Machines

  • Stinger/Hookbait:  12” -Machine rigged with tri-beads (See pic below)

  • 10/0 Stainless Steel,  5X Strong, Knife Edge, Big Game Hook

  • Momoi - Smoke Blue 250# Center Line,  200# Wing Lines , Momoi Crimps

  • 400# Stainless Bearing Swivel inside last teaser. For easy change out of stinger, ie: contrasting color lure, ballyhoo, or cedar plug.

  • Loop Protectors at critical points

  • Clear/Mesh Vinyl Spreader Bar Bag (For easy was down)

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