Rigged and Unrigged Lures

5" and 6" Mini Smoker

This is an awesome little Jet Chugger as the head is drilled out with 4 jet ports. These will surface and pop on top about every 5 seconds to keep the smoke going. Complete with internal flash hair to add movement and depth. 5" version also available pin-rigged with ½ oz chin weight and screw on bait spring as these make excellent skirts for ballyhoo.


  • Momoi 130# Smoke Blue 8' Leader, 8/0 Stainless Steel, 5x Strong, Knife Edge, Southern Tuna hook-(Stingers are rigged on 36" leader)

  • 5” Pin-rigged version- 130# Smoke Blue Leader, 8/0 Mustad 7691DT Hook with pin and screw on bait spring-(Stingers are rigged on 36” leader)

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