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Crazy 8's

This chain has 8 successive 5" splashing rattle birds with a snap swivel under the last teaser for easy change of machine stinger.  These 8 birds tear up a long line of splash on the surface followed by a machine stinger just below the surface. These birds have rattles in their wings to generate even more noise and vibration. You can buy this chain without a stinger if you would like to try out your own stinger. We recommend using a 9" Machine. You can select your stinger on the product page.

Suggested Spread Location: Long Rigger or Down the Middle just behind Long Rigger, but really works well anywhere in the spread!

Crazy 8's

  • Eight 5" Soft Skirted Rattle Birds (last one is longer to cover the snap swivel)

    250lb. Momoi Smoke Blue Mono

    400lb. Ball Bearing Snap Swivel under last bird

    Free Lure Bag Included

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