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22" Dial Tracker Bar - 9" Bulb Squid

Mesh Lure Bag and 9" Stinger Included.

Pull Tested to 150lbs.

22" Dial Tracker Bar - 9" Bulb Squid

  • Welcome to a brand new addition to the Sterling Tracker Bar Family!  The Dial Tracker Bar.  The Dial Tracker is the most versatile tracker we have ever produced. The adjustable dial keel not only goes full Port or full Starboard but also can be locked in to stop anywhere in between.

    ​       The Dial Keel feature allows you to strategically place your bars where you want them.  If you typically pull bars on your flat lines, you will now be able to push them over just 5-10’ to run just outside the prop wash in cleaner water. OR, if you get a lot bites on your longest, widest tracker bar,  you can now send a second dial tracker back to run alongside it increasing your chances of a second bite.  OR, with the dial tracker, you can now run two bars long down the middle pulled from your overhead rocket launchers instead of just one, just dial one a little port and the second a little starboard.

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