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Ronz Tails 
Now Available!

Sterling Tackle creates custom offshore trolling lures for all pelagic species, with a special emphasis on tuna fishing.  Our Spreader Bars, Daisy Chains, and single lures are constructed using top of the line components and lures.  We are using components from Momoi, Mustad, American Fishing Wire and so on. So enjoy your shopping experience and add a couple Sterling Bars and Chains to your spread.

  All Sterling Tackle lures are thoroughly field tested by our advanced network of Pro Staff Captains.  They are tested for durability, tracking and most important their catchability with a particular aim for our local Bluefin tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Albacore tuna and Bigeye tuna. You will not be disappointed as these lures are truly "Built to Catch"!  Please visit our Picture and Video Gallery and really get your blood pumping.

9 Chaos PB.jpg

We are best known for our Spreader Bars. Whether it is our Trackers, Chaos Bars or standard Spreader Bars they are designed for superior tracking, splash and ease of use. Our bars are made with our trademark teaser layout and the highest quality terminal tackle. Each spreader bar comes with a Stinger and a mesh carry/storage bag. Despite all of these features, you will be hard pressed to find another company that can compete with our prices. They are available in a variety of colors, sizes and teasers so you should be able to find one that fit your preference and fishery.

36 6 Chaos Pink.jpg
36 9 Ma Green.jpg
18 9 bulb tracker white.jpg

We introduced the Tracker Bar in 2017 and it quickly became our best selling and most effective lure. The Sterling Tracker is made with an angled keel under the bar bird. This causes the bar to track up to 30' outwards from its normal tracking line. The Tracker's ability to reach the cleaner water, outside the wake, enables it to attract more bites. Check out the Tracker Bar page for more info. Trackers are available in Machines, Bulb Squid, Chaos versions and in all our standard colors.  

Crazy 8 PB.jpg

We offer a large variety of Daisy Chains. Whether you like feathers, jets, birds, ultimate squid or machines, we have them. Our chains are split into two sizes, so you can get exactly what works for you and your fishery. We are especially proud of our more innovative chains, like the Crazy 8 and Deep Runner. Check them out on specialty chains page. They have proven to catch with the anything else you can put in your spread.

Joe Shutes Ballyhoo Skirts have proven to be the best in the North East on all species of pelagic fish.  Joe uses high visibility hair and mylar on all his skirts. We offer a large selection of colors and weights. Our signature Joe Shute chains have made a name for themselves as one of the best ways to raise fish from the depths. They combine the trusted ballyhoo skirt with the traditional daisy chain to make one deadly combination.

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