Wide Trackers

The Original Sterling Wide Tracker

Patent Pending - Provisional Patent No. 514052367

The New for 2017 Sterling "Wide Tracker" Spreader Bar has quickly become the most productive spreader bar in the Northeast.  We have added a transparent plexiglass keel under the lead bar bird that causes the bar to track up to 30' feet outwards from its normal tracking line (depending on distance from boat, speed, wind and sea conditions).  This allows this bar to run in clean water and attract more bites!  As with all Sterling products, it is built with high quality components, is TESTED and PROVEN to catch all pelagic fish.  "Sterling Tackle builds the most productive spreader bars on the planet", Mark DeBlasio- Blue Runner Sportfishing

The Wide Trackers can be pulled straight from rod tip or outriggers. Whether you fish it from your outriggers or rod tips, this innovative bar allows you to increase your overall spread width by as much as 60'. See the bottom of page for more info and suggested trolling patterns. 

Available in Port and Starboard versions, or you can buy a pair, which will have one of each.  Available in both 18" and 36" versions as well as both Bulb Squid or Machine lures.

Tip: You can double rig your long rigger with two clips to maximize the effect.  See the diagram below.

  • Bar:  Titanium .093” Ultra-Thin Bar, very light with great memory, makes for great action of outside lures.

  • Teasers: 9" or 6" Bulb Squid, 9" or 6" Machines

  • Stinger/Hookbait: 9" or 7" Mini-Machine rigged with tri-beads

  • 9/0 Stainless Steel 5X Strong, Knife Edge, Big Game Hook

  • Momoi - Smoke Blue 200# Center Line, 130# Wing Lines

  • 400# Stainless Ball Bearing Swivel inside last teaser. For easy change out of stinger, ie: contrasting color lure, ballyhoo, or cedar plug.

  • Loop Protectors at critical points

  • Clear/Mesh Vinyl Spreader Bar Bag (For easy wash down)

18" Wide Tracker - 9" or 6" Bulb Squid:

$99 each, $198 for a pair

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9" Bulb Squid

6" Bulb Squid

18" Wide Tracker - 9" or 6" Machines:

$119 each, $238 for a Pair

6" Machines

9" Machines

36" Wide Tracker - 9" or 6" Bulb Squid

$125 each, $250 for a Pair

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We don’t have any products to show here right now.

6" Bulb Squid

9" Bulb Squid

36" Wide Tracker - 9" or 6" Machines

$145 each, $290 for a Pair

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

9" Machines

6" Machines

Crazy 6 Wide Tracker:

$119 each, $238 for a pair

We have combined our two most popular lures, the Wide Tracker Bar and the Crazy 8 Daisy Chain, into one Crazy 6 Wide Tracker! The 6 center line birds rip up a line of splash mimicking bait that is under attack while the keel hub pushes it well wide of your spread in clean water where it becomes a prime target. The Crazy 6 Wide Tracker tracks just as wide as a standard Wide Tracker. Thank you and all credit goes to Alan Lee from Mushin Sportfishing, who designed and tested the original version, with fantastic results.

We are also introducing this bar in two tone color combinations. Center line birds in one color representing bait under attack while the larger outside baits are predators that are fully engaged revving up the competitor nature in tuna. An effect also proven by Alan Lee. We offer 4 color combinations that we think will be very productive. If you would like another combination, send us and email with your request.


Boat with Outriggers

Boat without Outriggers

Rod                                Rod

Suggested Wide Tracker Trolling Patterns