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Light Joe Shute Chain

This is a great surface chain as the lead bird makes a commotion and keeps this chain on top while the rest of the lures track just below the surface with a killer swimming ballyhoo following it up. It can be pulled in any position in your spread, but if you flat line it you will have to clip it down to keep the bird in the water.

Starts with a 7” lead bird- then (3)- 3/4oz Sterling Island Witches- then the stinger is a 1oz Joe Shutes- pin rigged for ballyhoo- Mustad 7691 8/0 Hook,  8’ 130# Momoi Smoke Blue Leader(See pics below).

Suggested Spread Location: Long or Short Rigger

Light Joe Shute Chain

  • Teasers: 1 – 7” Hard skirted bird, 3 – 4.5” Sterling Island Witch

    Hookbait/Stinger: 1 oz. Joe Shute – Pin-rigged, screw-on baitspring, Mustad 7691DT 9/0 Hook

    130lb. Smoke Blue Momoi Mono

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