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Heavy Joe Shute Chains

This is an excellent sub-surface chain that can be pulled in any position on the boat.  Great for rough days and it is always a good idea to have some lures running below your surface splashing lures.  This chain starts with (4)- 3/4oz Sterling Island Witches- then the stinger is a 5 ¾oz Joe Shutes- (pin-rigged for ballyhoo, Mustad 7691 9/0 Hook, 10’ 130# Momoi Smoke Blue Leader). See pictures below.  Custom rigging for Large Select Ballyhoo is available.

Suggested Spread Location: Flat Line, Long Rigger or Down the Middle just behind the Long Rigger

Heavy Joe Shute Chains

  • Teasers: 4 – 4.5” Sterling Island Witch

    Hookbait/Stinger: 5 ¾ oz. Joe Shute – Pin-rigged, screw-on baitspring, Mustad 7691DT 8/0 Hook

    130lb. Smoke Blue Momoi Mono

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