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Tracker Bar - 9" Lumo Squid

Limited Time Offering: Tracker Bars with Lumo Squid

Only for Sale While Supplies Last


Tracker Bar - 9" Lumo Squid

Out of Stock
    • A Pair includes one of each direction
    • Scroll Down in Drop Down Box to View All Colors.
    • Lure Bag and Stinger Included
    • Bar:  Titanium .125” 
    • Teasers: 9" or 6" Bulb Squid, 9" or 6" Machines
    • Stinger/Hookbait: 9" or 7" Mini-Machine 
    • 9/0 Stainless Steel 5X Strong, Knife Edge, Big Game Hook
    • Momoi - Smoke Blue 250# Center Line, 130# Wing Lines
    • 400# Stainless Ball Bearing Swivel inside last teaser. 
    • Loop Protectors at critical points
    • Clear/Mesh Vinyl Spreader Bar Bag
  • The New for 2017 Sterling "Wide Tracker" Spreader Bar has quickly become the most productive spreader bar in the Northeast.  We have added a transparent plexiglass keel under the lead bar bird that causes the bar to track up to 30' feet outwards from its normal tracking line (depending on distance from boat, speed, wind and sea conditions).  This allows this bar to run in clean water and attract more bites!  As with all Sterling products, it is built with high quality components, is TESTED and PROVEN to catch all pelagic fish.  "Sterling Tackle builds the most productive spreader bars on the planet", Mark DeBlasio- Blue Runner Sportfishing

    The Wide Trackers can be pulled straight from rod tip or outriggers. Whether you fish it from your outriggers or rod tips, this innovative bar allows you to increase your overall spread width by as much as 60'.

    Available in Port and Starboard versions, or you can buy a pair, which will have one of each. 

    ​Tip: You can double rig your long rigger with two clips to maximize the effect.

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