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18" Bar: Machine Series

Stinger - The last lure, on the bar, with the hook. It has its own leader and can be changed via the snap swivel.

Pink Tiger is the color in the picture.

18" Bar: Machine Series

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    Free Stinger and Lure Bag Included.

    Titanium .093” ultra thin light tackle bar

    Teasers: 6" or 9” Machines

    Stinger/Hookbait: 30" 200# Momoi Smoke Blue with Machine Stinger 8/0 or 9/0 Stainless Steel Big Game Hook

    Momoi - Smoke Blue 200# Center Line, 130# Wing Lines

    300# Stainless Bearing Swivel 

    Clear/Mesh Vinyl Spreader Bar Bag


    Recommended Stinger Colors


    Bar/Machine Color:           Stinger Color:

    Green                                    Green

    Rainbow                               Rainbow

    Zucchini                                Zucchini

    Purple/Black                       Green, Zuc or P/B

    Pink Tiger                             Pink Tiger

    White Pearl                          White or Glow

    Glow in the Dark                 Glow in the Dark